Monday, August 2, 2010

So today I decided to blog...

"What is it?", my beautiful boy said from the floor as I scraped dog shit out of the indentions in his tennis shoes with a plastic fork at the kitchen counter.  "It's dog poop.  It's really gross", I replied.  "Ooohhh, gross, lemme see", he said clamoring up the kitchen stool.  It was then I knew I had to blog.  I couldn't fit this in a facebook status and I laughed long and hard for a while...which is something I do countless times a day.  He's only two and he wants to see it, especially if it's gross.  He's already one of us in this inquisitive manner.  As a family, we taste, smell, and see anything someone makes a ruckus over, especially if it's really gross.  This story actually began at Woodland Park today with our angelic friend Dana and her two wild ones.  As Liam was climbing the slide, I noticed the bulge and the discomfort in his movements.  Great.  He pooped his pants again (we got peeing in the potty no problem, not pooping down the poo-poo slide-the inclined area in a commode.  He throws huge fits and it sucks)!  At the freaking park.  I did have an extra pull-up but only two wipes semi-dried out in a ziploc baggie.  And this was precisely what I said to Dana as soon as I realized our predicament.  So, I talked Liam into changing his pull up in the van, reassuring him we would return to the fun.  When he climbed into the van (jumping like a monkey across every available surface) on the scariest street to possibly put next to a park, I swiped sweat from my forehead and began coaxing him to me to pull down his shorts.  Success.  He laid down and I removed his pull-up thinking, "I got this...not bad" when I realized there was another odor in the van, a new offensive smell.  Then I saw it, the green dog shit on his shoe, on the van carpet and on the plasticky porous surfaces all across where the door shuts.  And as you can assume, my next thought had to do with rationing two wipes for two different poops.  I don't think I cussed in front of him over the mess or even called it dog shit for that matter, but somehow I managed to clean both messes and return to the park.  This is how I ended up scraping Liam's tennis shoe tread and realizing I had to blog because it was just too good not to share!

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  1. Hip hip hooray! Welcome to the blogging world! I think you'll find it very satisfying - better than scrapbooking (blech) or a baby book (where did I put that stupid thing?), especially for such a talented and funny writer like yourself. I'll enjoy keeping up with your family's adventures!