Thursday, August 5, 2010

"So much a good day"

As I just lay Liam down for bed, he recounted his day like this: (inflection at the end of every event)
"Went to paaaaaaaark, played with Chloe Jeaeaeaeaeaeaean, saw Chase and Wiwyyyyyyyyyy, played in the poooooooooool, got buzz wiiiiiiiiiiings...(thinks for a second, yawns) much a good day".   He's right.  It was so much a good day, except I wasn't home for much of it.  Work does suck.  But we packed it in this eve!  Chloe said for the first time, "Hold minute" which was her rendition of Liam's famous "Hold you minute" when he wants snuggled and reassured for just a short while.  She's growing fast!  Liam also is talking about friends a lot! We met some magical park friends (as Dana calls them).  These being kids at the park that we never learn their names but they are fast friends and make the park that much more of a magical experience.  Liam told me he was going to slide with his friends and Chloe said "Come on" to me and the Dada.  Watching them grow is too much to record.  I wish is was cheap and cool to have a very small recording device that I permanently wore and hit record on when really good stuff happened.  Taking the time to write this all down is a little rough.  Now, I'm gonna go cut some zinnias and herbs out of my beautiful garden to give color and fragrance to my house!  So much a good day.

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